World Toilet Day 2013

This year’s World Toilet Day was a very special one for GTO. In Germany GTO started already in 2005 to celebrate this day and to raise awareness for the topic. In the beginning often smiled at, GTO is now really happy about the national and international attention and the different activities carried out. As the secretariat of the German WASH-Network, GTO is coordinating the various activities and campaigns of the WASH-Network member organizations.

 Like in previous years GTO initially had planned several surprise activities to celebrate its beloved toilet and put the importance of safe access to sanitation for all into the spotlight. However, due to the unexpected typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines GTO decided at short notice to rather focus their attention fully on the support of their long-time Philippine colleagues who are actively engaged in the immediate WASH emergency relief. Since many years GTO has a close relationship to the Philippines. The first GTO sanitation and hygiene education campaign “My School Loo” has been conducted there and over the years GTO has supported many sustainable sanitation projects together with its Philippine partners.

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