Compendium of Hygiene Promotion in Emergencies

The Compendium of Hygiene Promotion in Emergencies is the third volume of the “Emergency WASH Compendium” series, complementing the already existing compendia on sanitation and water supply technologies in emergencies and addressing the third pillar of the WASH triad – Hygiene Promotion.
It provides a comprehensive and systematic compilation of the most relevant and sector-reviewed components, tools, methods and approaches to design and implement successful Hygiene Promotion interventions. It draws on the latest initiatives, materials and evidence, disaggregating Hygiene Promotion into its functional components, clarifying terminology and providing guidance on the most appropriate solutions in a given context. The Compendium is a capacity strengthening tool and a reference book and supports planning, implementation and decision making for specific Hygiene Promotion interventions.


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The development of the Compendium has been a collaborative effort of Global WASH Cluster partners, coordinated under the leadership of the German WASH Network and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), financially supported by the German Federal Foreign Office and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and with contributions and support from a multitude of international WASH experts, organisations and institutions. We would like to gratefully acknowledge and thank all individuals and their respective organisations and institutions for their invaluable contribution to this Compendium.


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