Joint Operational Framework


The “Joint Operational Framework: WASH Resilience, Conflict Sensitivity and Peacebuilding” aims to enable better collaboration and higher coherence among humanitarian, development, and peace actors framework in contexts of recurrent and protracted crises .

The JOF sets out the thinking, a theory of change and key steps for putting the nexus approach into practice within the WASH sector along with establishing strong linkages with the integrated water resource management sector. The JOF provides tools and resources – a glossary of terminology, links to key guidance and tools published by actors in the WASH sector and brief case studies relating to strengthening resilience, conflict sensitivity and peacebuilding capacities. The word “joint” emphasises the collaboration required between humanitarian, development and peace actors. The word “operational” hints at the suggested practical steps and entry points for policy makers and practitioners.

In order to develop the framework, over 40 interviews with key actors, three global events, two regional consultations (Africa and Asia), and a extensive review involving 45 institutions and 62 reviewers were conducted over 2 years. The ambition to develop a framework for the entire WASH sector is also reflected in the fact that over 40 influential organizations have chosen to support the JOF with their logo on the publication. These include several ministries and UN agencies, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the international cooperation of the Dutch Water Operators (VEI), numerous INGOs, and notable peace actors such as the Geneva Water Hub or Ecopeace Middle East.


In contexts vulnerable to conflict and disasters, the WASH Triple Nexus seeks to strengthen the resilience capacities of WASH systems, thereby reducing humanitarian needs and advancing sustainable development at the same time. In fragile or conflict affected settings, inclusive WASH services can strengthen social cohesion and promote peace. In contrast to existing isolated approaches that have proven to not work in fragile contexts, this approach aims to enable successful collaboration between humanitarian, development and peace actors.

The publication of the JOF is an important milestone of the “Triple Nexus in WASH initiative” of the WASH Road Map, led by the German WASH Network, Global WASH Clusters, Sanitation and Water for all Partnership and UNICEF.


Launching Event

On 5 September 2023, the Joint Operational Framework: WASH Resilience, Conflict Sensitivity and Peacebuilding was officially released during a virtual event.The launching event was celebrated with highly influential speakers:

  • Dr. Danilo Türk (Lead Political Advisor, Geneva Water Hub and former Chair, Global High-Level Panel on Water and Peace and former President of Slovenia)
  • Susanne Fries-Gaier (Director Humanitarian Assistance, German Federal Foreign Office)
  • Catarina de Albuquerque (Chief Executive Officer, Sanitation and Water for All Partnership)
  • Dr. Callist Tindimugaya (Commissioner, Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda, Directorate of Water Resources Management)

The event served as a starting point for the WASH sector to achieve a new quality of collaboration at all levels with the goal of operationalizing the Triple Nexus and the JOF. Several organizations expressed their support and identified next steps for operationalizing the JOF. Examples are the development of a Global Resilience Index and Peacebuilding Guidance through UNICEF or the development of an E-Learning offer to train practitioners on the nexus and the JOF within the WASH Systems Academy through IRC WASH and the German Toilet Organization.

Event Date Time
Virtual on Zoom 5 Sep 2023 2 pm CEST 60 min English Link zur Event-Seite

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