WASH in Emergencies


Regional WASH Workshops to Strengthen Humanitarian Preparedness and Response Capacity


The German WASH Network continues its well-established Regional WASH Workshop series. The workshops aim at strengthening local WASH disaster preparedness and response capacities in order to allow for the provision of appropriate and effective humanitarian WASH services in disaster and crisis prone regions. The Regional WASH Workshops are part of a strategic portfolio of activities developed and carried out in close cooperation between the German WASH Network and the German Federal Foreign Office to respond to the growing demand for emergency coordination and qualified humanitarian WASH capacity in Germany and respective partner countries.

Particularly the strengthening of actors in the priority fields of preparedness, disaster risk reduction (DRR), climate change adaption (CCA)inclusion & gender, behaviour change and cash & markets can make a significant and sustainable difference for people living in disaster and crisis affected areas. The workshops are seen as a vital exchange platform to allow for necessary knowledge sharing, South-South learning and networking among regionally active German WASH Network members and its local partners as well as for strengthening the linkages to existing regional and international humanitarian networks and central actors of the humanitarian system.

The initiative is informed by the WASH Cluster System and continually adapted to the strategic priorities of the Global WASH Cluster in the fields of knowledge management and capacity building. The workshops are also a contribution to the WASH Road Map 2020-25 Initiative 2.3 on scaling and localizing humanitarian WASH learning systems. To further localise the workshop offer itself and to increasingly hand over responsibilities to local actors, we cooperate with strong local partner organisations from the regions:

  • ENPHO based in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • German Jordan University based in Amman, Jordan
  • Meru University of Science and Technology mit Sitz in Meru, Kenia

The identified target regions for the Regional WASH Workshops are anglophone and francophone Africa, Asia and the MENA region.


Current Workshop Schedule

Location Date Language Deadline Application Form
Asia 2023 Kathmandu, Nepal 09.-14.10.2023 English 25.08.2023 closed
MENA 2023 Amman, Jordan 04.-09.11.2023 English 22.09.2023 Application MENA
Africa 2024 (FR)
 virtual 22.-26.01. 2024 French 15.11.2023 Application Africa FR
Africa 2024 (EN) Lusaka, Zambia 26.02.-02.03. 2024 English 05.01.2024 Application Africa EN



Target Group

Staff members and experts from locally active German WASH Network member organisation and its local partners in the target regions, who have formulated a need for further professionalisation and networking. In particular, women and also staff members of real local actors, such as government institutions and national NGOs, are encouraged to participate.

Workshop Components

The 5-6 day workshops consist of demand-oriented training activities, the facilitation of regional knowledge exchange and a larger networking component. On-site workshops with personal participation are usually enhanced by visits to project sites.

Trainers & Speakers

The trainers are WASH experts working for different member organisations of the German WASH Network, who have relevant project experience and expertise in the field of humanitarian WASH. In addition, reference is made to a wide range of national and international sector experts and decision-makers, who will speak on specific issues. Course language is English (or French for the West-African Workshop).

Training costs

The regional workshops are offered free of charge.

In case the workshop can be conducted as face-to-face meeting, local accommodation and catering will be covered on all training days.

Travel costs are to be covered by the respective sending organisation. In addition there is a limited budget available to assist in (co-)financing travel costs up to a pre-defined limit for those organisations not able to fully cover travel expenses their own (smaller NGOs, local partner organisations). In case you need support please indicate this accordingly in the registration form.

 You have further questions?

Please write us an email: registration [at] washnet.de



Application process

The application forms for all Regional WASH Workshops can be found in the table below. Please consider the respective application deadlines.

Location Date Language Deadline Application Form
Asia 2023 Kathmandu, Nepal 09.-14.10.2023 English 25.08.2023 closed
MENA 2023 Amman, Jordan 04.-09.11.2023 English 22.09.2023 Application MENA
Africa 2024 (FR)
 virtual 22.-26.01.2024 French 15.11.2023 Application Form
Africa 2024 (EN) Lusaka, Zambia 26.02.-02.03.2024 English 05.01.2024 Application Africa EN


Privacy Policy

Information on the logging of your registration, the mailing via the provider MailChimp, statistical evaluations and revocation options can be found in our privacy policy.


The selection of participants will be done based on the following criteria:

  • Applicants are member of the German WASH Network
  • Applicants are member of the Global WASH Cluster or the WASH Road Map
  • Applicants are from local partners, like national NGOs or government institutions
  • Applicants have existing experience and expertise in humanitarian WASH
  • Gender balance
  • Applicants with disabilities will be prioritised



Overall Coordination

Robert Gensch, Alexandra Höhne, Thorsten Reckerzügl
German Toilet Organization

Email: registration [at] washnet.de

(for all inquiries)

Tel: +49 (0)30 41 93 43 45

Coordination Asia Workshop

Rob Gensch (GTO), Lorenz Ewers (arche noVa)

Coordination MENA Workshop

Thorsten Reckerzügl (GTO), Lorenz Ewers (arche noVa)

Coordination Africa FR Workshop

Alexandra Höhne (GTO), Arno Coerver (Malteser International)

Coordination Africa EN Workshop

Alexandra Höhne (GTO)


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