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Hoffnungszeichen | Sign of Hope e. V.

Hoffnungszeichen | Sign of Hope e.V. is a non-denominational human rights and aid organization from Konstanz. Our topics are emergency and disaster relief, food security and poverty reduction, water and health, education and human rights. 2017 we were engaged in 66 projects in 23 countries. One focus of the engagement of the organization, founded in 1983, is the African continent, in particular the central East Africa. We have been active in today's Southern Sudan since 1994.

Schwerpunkte Focus
Development Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid,
Bereiche Areas
Hygiene, Sanitation, Water,
Expertise Expertise
Emergency WASH, Human Rights, Public Health, WASH in Schools,
Ansprechpartner Contact
Raphaela Betz
Project Manager