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Goldeimer gGmbH

Goldeimer is a social business based in Hamburg. Our vision is to ensure access to safe sanitation for all people worldwide and to close nutrient cycles through sustainable sanitation concepts. Since our foundation in 2014, we started the revolution towards more sustainable sanitation practices at festivals in Germany with our compost toilets. Since January 2019 we have been supervising our first own compost toilet project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. All for toilets - Toilets for All!

Schwerpunkte Focus
Development Cooperation,
Bereiche Areas
Hygiene, Sanitation,
Expertise Expertise
Faecal Sludge Management, Sustainable Sanitation, Wastewater Treatment,
Adresse Address
Schultzweg 4, Hamburg Deutschland,
Ansprechpartner Contact
Enno Schröder
Innovation & Research
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