World Toilet Day 2013

Arche noVa organized its’ first school project day

Arche noVa celebrated a premiere. On World Toilet Day their project “one world – our world” set into practice with their first project day at school with the motto “water for all” at the Hans-Erlwein-Gymnasium in Dresden. The project day targeted pupils in 6th and 7th grade.


What does the human right to water imply and how can it be put into practice? What stands behind WASH? Where are the impacts of the missing access to drinking water and sanitation most visible, either locally, nationally or even globally? Where on the globe do people lack access to water? Using a simulation game, kids themselves can encounter the importance of access to water. Be part of the experiences arche noVa gathered in the field of access to water over many years and learn, how you yourself can get active for change.