Stockholm Water Week 2018



Om (O&M) – the mantra for sustainable water/sanitation services

Operation and maintenance is key to make water and sanitation services sustainable in the long run. Successful investments and initiatives often fail if the O&M is not assured from the beginning, this is the case for water (SDG 6.1) and sanitation projects even more (SDG 6.2 and 6.3).


Om (O&M) – the mantra for sustainable water/sanitation services

30. August 2018  FH Little Theater

14:00 – 15:30

In this event, creative and holistic innovative approaches to assure sustainable O&M of water and sanitation services will be presented and discussed. Examples from different countries will show that SDG 6 is at the core of Agenda2030 linking to SDG 2, 3, 4, 5, 11 and 16.

The following six approaches will be discussed in small groups:

  • Water Integrity tools for community based water supply, Kenya (WIN/ Caritas CH)
  • Water & Sanitation Safety Plans; Kyrgyzstan (WECF)
  • Mobile apps to support WWT operators work (URversity)
  • Sustainable Utility Partnerships (Hamburg Wasser/CAH)
  • Selection of operator models, Jordan (BORDA/ cewas)
  • Chances/ limitations of mWater as a participatory M&E tool in rural Uganda (Viva con Agua)

After an input from the convenors, the approaches will be analysed in small groups. Mechanisms, why these approaches can improve sustainability are identified. Framework conditions for their effective application are determined.

Results from the groups will be presented to all participants and discussed.

The link to the event at the official Stockholm World Water Week website you will find here.


Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association

Water Integrity Network

Caritas Switzerland

Viva con Agua

The German WASH Network

Sustainable Sanitation Alliance

German Toilet Organization


Women Engage for a Common Future

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