World Toilet Day 2016


Motto: “Toilets and Jobs”

The World Toilet Day takes place annually on November 19, this year for the 4th time already. It calls on the global community to do more to address the sanitation crisis. Each year it focuses on a certain theme, this year is about “Toilets and Jobs”.

Through a joint initiative between the Government of Singapore and World Toilet Organization the World Toilet Day was founded and officially declared a UN-Day in 2013.

It is an event for actions to raise awareness about the great significance of sanitation and all the people who do not have access to a toilet – currently still 2.4 billions.


Official Website of the World Toilet Day

Many members of the WASH Network participate in this day with actions of their own:

Viva con Agua

This year the voluntary activists of the Viva con Agua Hamburg crew organise a bicycle tour with a toilet through Hamburg including several stops with information for passers-by as well as Klofies (Selfies on & of the toilet).
These and other pictures concerning the topic can then be published among different hashtags (for example #worldtoiletday #vivaconagua #igiveashit #klopapier #klofies #klovember) in the social networks.
In the evening there will be a diverse programme with Powerpoint-Karaoke concerning the bowel movement including „(Bull-) Shit-Bingo“. The winner will be awarded a golden toilet brush.

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